Hanieh Shahriyari

Marina Owner Dashboard

Ux ResearcherUX / UI DesignerFront-end Developer

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to create a web-based control panel for Kish Marina that provides centralized access to marine activities for managers. The goal is to create a seamless user experience through interactive maps and customizable alerts delivered to key owners.


The challenge is to create a solution that helps centralize maritime information and provides a user-friendly interface for key managers, and balancing UX and back-end programming is critical to ensure seamless data management and organization.


The solution includes a comprehensive web-based control panel, UX integration and back-end programming. This project strives to overcome these challenges and provides a powerful tool for Marina Kish to improve efficiency and safety in operations.

Overall Text

This project is a branch of main Project (Marina Kish) This project endeavors to create a web-based control panel tailored for managers of Marina Kish, addressing the challenges of decentralized information in the maritime industry. Through a comprehensive solution that integrates user-friendly design with robust back-end programming, the project aims to deliver a seamless experience for both general and merchant users. By unifying data handling and organizational processes, the platform seeks to empower owners and main managers with the tools they need for efficient resource allocation and decision-making in maritime operations.

Dashboard Main Page

This page is the main view for user who can access to activity of the website. Each icon is designed based on the concepts of usability of that button.

Receipt Page

UI design for browsing the user bills based on their transactions.

Contract Page

UI design to show the contracts of different users.

Inner Page

UI design to show text for details of contracts, etc.