Hanieh Shahriyari

Havin Dashboard

UX ResearcherUX / UI DesignerFront-end Developer

Project Goal

To build an effective solution to provide an area for all users and merchants to have user-friendly and practical access to their account information.


The challenge ahead was to provide a solution in order to give access to users who have more than two ads as merchants and general users to their separate reports and system to understand each customer uniquely for their preferences and transaction history. Building the infrastructure to handle data from scratch.


With both UX and back-end programming solutions together, the data handling and organising happened front and back. Finally, general and merchant users use the same panel and dashboard to manage their actions.

Overall Text

This project is the control panel for the website, which provides all the ads for different categories. On the main website, users can buy different services based on their goals. The providers of services can add or control their services based on their account access.

Dashboard Main Page

All dashboard design UI elements and concepts have been created from this page and used in inner pages. Direction is RTL based on the Persian language.

Financial Page

The UI for the record of finance of user and charge of the account.

Profile Edit

Form-based UI design for all design system. This view includes all elements that are needed in a form.

Message List

UI design that shows the list whole list of messages.