Hanieh Shahriyari

Marina Dashboard Website view

Ux ResearcherUX / UI DesignerFront-end Developer

Project Goal

The project aims to develop a web-based control panel for Marina Kish, fostering centralized access to maritime activities. It strives to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and decision-making by offering real-time data on vessel locations, weather conditions, and entertainment management. The goal is to create a seamless user experience through interactive maps and customizable alerts, catering to both general and merchant users.


Decentralized information in the maritime industry leads to inefficiencies and safety concerns. The lack of a unified platform hampers decision-making, resulting in disjointed processes. The challenge is to create a solution that addresses these issues, providing a user-friendly interface for both user groups. Balancing UX and back-end programming is critical to ensuring seamless data handling and organization.


The solution involves a comprehensive web-based control panel, integrating UX and back-end programming. This user-friendly interface centralizes real-time information, facilitating effective decision-making. Interactive maps, data visualization tools, and customizable alerts enhance the user experience, while unifying general and merchant users on a single platform ensures streamlined data management. The project strives to overcome these challenges, delivering a powerful tool for Marina Kish to improve efficiency and safety in water activity operations.

Overall Text

This project endeavors to create a web-based control panel tailored for Marina Kish, addressing the challenges of decentralized information in the maritime industry. The goal is to enhance efficiency, safety, and decision-making by providing real-time data on vessel locations, weather conditions, and entertainment management. Through a comprehensive solution that integrates user-friendly design with robust back-end programming, the project aims to deliver a seamless experience for both general and merchant users. By unifying data handling and organizational processes, the platform seeks to empower owners and main managers with the tools they need for efficient resource allocation and decision-making in maritime operations.

Login Page

This page is Login page of project and UI elements and concepts have been created based on the concepts of project.

Dashboard Main Page

All dashboard design UI elements and concepts have been created from this page and used in inner pages. Direction is RTL based on the Persian language.

Owner List UI

UI Design for all lists in all pages contain data list and also the expanded data view with a smaller right bar.

Profile Edit

Form-based UI design for all design system. Especially in this page for make a new user profile.