Hanieh Shahriyari

Ocean Gahst Website

UX / UI DesignerFront-end Developer

Project Goal

- Facilitate seamless online ticket sales for entertainment events on Kish Island.
- Provide a user-friendly platform for individuals and agencies to easily purchase and manage tickets for island activities.
- Empower users with personalised accounts and wallet functionality for efficient transactions.


- Lack of a centralised platform for purchasing Kish Island event tickets online.
- Inconvenient ticket-buying processes for both individuals and agencies.
 - Absence of a user-centric system for managing personal preferences and transactions.


- Develop a dedicated website for selling Kish Island entertainment tickets.
- Implement an intuitive user interface allowing users to select and purchase tickets based on their preferred dates.
- Introduce personalized user accounts and wallet features to streamline the purchasing process and enhance user experience.
All the solutions are designed based on the search results and the activity of users.

Overall Text

This website is meticulously designed to provide a hassle-free and user-friendly experience for individuals and agencies seeking tickets for various activities on the island. Discover a diverse range of entertainment options on Kish Island through this platform. The website offers a comprehensive selection of activities to suit every taste. Users can easily navigate through the available options and choose the day that fits their schedule.

Wallet Page

UI design for browsing the user bills based on their transactions and the amount charged to each account.

Login Page

This page is Login page of project.


UI design of main page that show all activity of Kish island.


The view of the basket shows the items that each person or agency bought.